Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Ugh, I was going to write actual serious blog today. Deep, compassionate, cohesive, everything you could order on a sandwich. But then right on the cusp of writing it, I started talking to some old friends on the Internet and immediately lost all the seriousness I had been carrying throughout the day.Fucking Piss.

Oh well at least it won't be a pretentious turgid mess like my last post. Which, I admit was written under the guilded haze of a chemically forced mindset.

No Excuses, No Excuses Please... Leaven your doctor's note in your pockets..

Where does time go during the Fall? I feel like I've been writing this dribble for five minutes, but it's been closer to twenty five. The sun is setting on my computer screen, mocking me and all this time I have wasted saying nothing.

So Im going to end this quickly and swiftly. You shoot a wounded deer in the head to put it out of it's misery. And yet fascinatingly, I'm still going. What a fucking waste of time.

In conclusion, my next blog will have a point! The top fifty albums of the last decade. I know its not over yet but everybody seems to be doing it now soo. Why not set sail early? Tell me if you think its jumping the gun by already releasing a best of decade list in the comments, and if you have the time maybe some of your favorite records of the last ten years.

See you soon.

Yours truely,