Friday, December 11, 2009

Interent Gourged

I know I haven't blogged awhile but I also haven't had internet so lay off dude.In blog news I have decided to push back the best of list til the year/decade are over because it's really trite to release a retrospective before the year is even over. Soo...In its place I'm making a cheap lo-fi mixtape in the form of a blogpost with videos you have to click on to start. Awesome, I know.

one of the best this year

this ones a good one too

one of the best from last year.

This blog can 100% be blamed on my current case of interbetes caused by too much internet gouging ( megabiting off more then I can chew). I don't recommend it, but its not as debilitating as the real thing.

better material soon. scouts honor,